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TBI Pilot Project / Rotary Club (project update)
Baba Institute of Technology and Sciences
Authors: Mr. Anil Kumar
On November 20, 2023, an impactful awareness program addressing Head Injury and Pillion Riders' Helmet Usage unfolded at Baba Institute of Technology and Sciences. Principal Prof. Dr. M. Govindaraj engaged with approximately 250 second-year engineering students, underscoring the critical importance of donning helmets. Through poignant real-life narratives of accidents, Dr. Govindaraj conveyed a powerful message. His personal account of recovering from an injury added a relatable dimension, shedding light on the imperative need for road safety.
Mr. K. Anil Kumar, representing the TBI Pilot Project in Visakhapatnam, played a significant role in the program. He not only addressed the students but also interacted with them, elucidating insights on preventing head injuries and explaining the Good Samaritan law. His efforts aimed to foster understanding and active participation, particularly in promoting the usage of helmets among pillion riders.

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TBI Pilot Project / Rotary Club
King George Hospital / Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
Authors: Madhu Narayna Rao (Alias Anil Kumar), Dr. M.V. Vijaya Sekhar, In-Charge, TBI Pilot Project / Rotary Club
Wearing a helmet is not just a matter of social responsibility, but it also reflects an attitude that should be ingrained in everyone's lives. Failure to uphold these two essential attributes, particularly in countries with a high prevalence of high-speed motor vehicle usage, can result in numerous tragic accidents. India is among the nations grappling with such challenges. To combat this issue, we have been diligently conducting awareness campaigns and hosting special lectures on head injury prevention and helmet usage. Our focus has been on increasing helmet usage among pillion riders and promoting safe driving practices, with the active participation of eminent personalities, at various levels such as colleges, communities, and societies.

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